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How can you enhance your project with a British accented voice over?

An international voice over for international audiences

Edie’s neutral British accent is frequently requested by clients in Europe and Asia, who need a clear and precise delivery, suitable for diverse audiences whose first language may not always be English.

Multinational companies in the USA and Canada have also taken advantage of Edie’s trans-Atlantic sound, to carry their message across continents.

Unlike some North American voice artists who deliver an exaggerated, cartoon-like British accent, Edie’s UK accent is authentic and believable, honed during extended periods of time spent in England.

A British accent can add a touch of class and sophistication

A classy British accent is sometimes just the thing to add a touch of sophistication or some international flavor to a project…or to simply draw special attention to a product or service.

You know how British actors sound classy even when they’re saying something rude?  There’s just something about a British accent! It can really enhance radio and televisions commercials for products like:  restaurants…luxury automobiles…museums and art galleries…cruise lines…hotels…perfume…beauty products…wine…academic institutions…real estate developments…insurance and financial services.

And for corporate projects, a voice over with an unexpected UK English accent will help grab and hold your audience’s attention.

Hear ye, hear ye! An authentic British voice for your Renaissance Fair or Medieval Festival

M’ lords and ladies! If you are seeking a true British voice over to help promote your Renaissance or Medieval fayre or festival, permit Edie Tusor the honor of offering her services. Her authentic British accent will instantly enhance the quality of your radio and television advertising, providing a taste of ye Olde England!

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