Part of your eLearning team

If you’re an instructional designer, e-learning developer or project manager, you know what an important role your voice artist plays in the success of a project.

As an e-learning narration specialist, Edie has voiced many hundreds of hours (it may be thousands – we’ve lost count) of educational content on virtually every topic you can imagine. She has guided learners of all ages to the next level in their education or career.

More than a voice over

With the sheer volume of some e-learning projects (often consisting of hundreds of pages and many hours of finished audio) you rely on your voice artist for much more than a great narration. Audio files have to edited, named and delivered in your specified file format in time to meet your development deadline.

That’s why ET Voiceworks has an in-house QA and project management process that tracks each file, to eliminate errors and ensure that you get exactly what you need when you need it.

And if you need to make revisions, even months later, you can be assured that each new audio recording always matches the original, for seamless integration into your product.

eLearning samples

Edie’s general eLearning demo includes short clips from various e-learning projects. You can listen to longer samples of individual courses below, or download them from our Demos page .


Nursing Education

Software tutorial

Cancer patient orientation

New employee orientation


Medical science

All about accounting

CSR role-play conversation