Where can you find reliable North American voice over talent for your international corporate clients?

Many Dutch studios and production companies are often called upon to create corporate projects in several languages, including North American English. But because English may not always be the first language of international audiences, the narration for these projects must be exceptionally clear and without any trace of a regional accent.

A “trans-Atlantic” accent is ideal – a hybrid of North American and British/UK English that is suitable for audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. It is often described as a clearer, more precise North American delivery.

Edie Tusor is the premiere English speaking voice talent for major European and international companies

Edie’s North American English voice over and narration services have been used by clients such as:

  • Philips Electronics

  • SAP

  • Husqvarna

  • Heineken

  • Nokia


Why hire Edie to provide voice over or narration services for your next English language project?

  • World class voiceover performance
  • Top quality audio (recorded with a professional engineer)
  • Exceptional service and attention to detail
  • North American time zone allows quick turnaround (if you send us your script at the end of your work day, we will have the audio ready by the start of your next work day!)
  • Script review and editing services available, to help ensure that translated texts are grammatically correct and “friendly” to the ear of English speaking audiences

Looking for a North American or trans-Atlantic English voice talent?

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