Voice talent do their best work behind the mic

Like most voice artists, Edie is not an audio engineer.

But unlike most voice artists, Edie offers the added benefit of an experienced, full-time engineer who makes sure that everything sounds and works exactly as it should.

This means you receive clean, edited, great-sounding audio files, in your preferred format, ready to cut into your commercial spot, corporate video, TV program or promo, or to incorporate into your Flash presentation or e-learning course.

It also means that when you’re working with us live (via phone patch, Source Connect or ISDN) everything will run smoothly. So even if your most important client is listening in, and the whole account depends on everything going right, you can rely on us for an impressive, efficient, professional quality session.

Best of all, having a professional engineer who takes care of all things technical means that Edie can concentrate on delivering a great performance…which is what your voice talent should be doing (instead of worrying about levels and stuff).

Preview Edie’s voiceover or narration on your next project

To hear a preview of Edie voicing your project, send us your script and we’ll send you a custom demo as soon as you need it.